Who we fund

Our Granting Focus Areas for 2021-2025

Building stronger, more resilient communities together

The Foundation's general fund will support charitable organisations who:

  • Have a commitment to improving financial education for the young people of New Zealand. Read more ⟩

    We know that social change can be impacted by educating our young people on how to manage their money and resources. This focus area will support educational initiatives that lift financial wellbeing and help with learning the "language of money". This gives young people, their whānau and the wider community the confidence to make informed financial decisions and access to greater opportunities.

  • Support initiatives that create strong and healthy communities. Read more ⟩

    Long-term change is best created by focusing on initiatives that build communities. For change to be long-lasting it needs to be learnt through experiencing new ways of doing things and watching others role model new ways of doing things. Our communities are best placed to do this. This focus area will support grassroots organisations who are making groundswell with initiatives to reduce inequalities in disadvantaged communities.

  • Champion activities that value our history and conserve our natural environments. Read more ⟩

    The greatest gift we can give to the future generations of New Zealand is to support initiatives that help protect and preserve our history and our environment.

  • Grow a secure future for the next generation. Read more ⟩

    Sometimes it’s just about giving people the tools to be successful. This focus area will support organisations who provide education, health, mental wellbeing, housing and research initiatives. We will be looking for projects that support long-term change providing benefits for generations.     

Our Granting Principles:

  • We will fund from the interest achieved on the Foundation capital.
  • We have a focus on larger grants and national organisations that will influence change throughout the country.
  • We will ensure sustainability of the Foundation over the longer term.